Life Group Discussion


*What’s the funniest, coolest or craziest dream that you can remember?
*Do you daydream much, or did you daydream as a child? What did you dream about?
*Would you say that right now your life looks more like survival or pursuing
significance? How can you pursue significance over survival?
*On Sunday Pastor Becky talked about 5 kind of people and their dreams: What kind of
person do you think you are?
1. No dream – You have to ask are you connected to God? How are you going to
2. Wrong dream – What does God want me to do? What will be God honoring? What’s
wrong with it?
3. Stale dream – Right dream, you are in a rut. What are you going to do?
4. Vague dream – You know it’s there but it’s not clear. How are you going to achieve
5. God dream – It is God honoring and culture-defying. You are in the right place at
the right time, doing what God has intended for you. You feel fulfilled. You are blessed!

*Talk about a time when you pursued a dream? What was it? What happened?
*What is a God dream that you have? How can you go about finding out what God has
in store for you?
*How can you encourage someone else in your life to pursue their God dream?

Prayer: Father, Thank you for the gift of dreams. Help us to understand what you have
created us to do, and give us the courage and determination to pursue the dream,
honoring you the gifts that you have given us to accomplish your purpose In Jesus’
Some verses to help:
Proverbs 29:18 – About having a vision
Psalm 126:1-2 – The joy that comes with dreams
Jeremiah 33:3 – If you don’t have a dream
2 Timothy 1:6 – If you have a stale dream
Habakkuk 2:2-3 – If you have a vague dream